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When you are in the lookout for purchasing a puppy a good thing to do is to have the chance of observing him within the environment where he grew up for the couple of months prior to being given away. In this way you have the opportunity to take note of his behavior and personality considering that not too dog pets can be alike.

Once your eyes are set on a specific puppy, you should next take a closer look at the way this puppy appears to be from the physical point of view. It is very important to inspect him as in this way you can make sure that he is in a good physical shape and not end up bringing home a physically damaged puppy.

Let’s see what is there to check and be certain that you successfully choose a good looking puppy:

* Do not choose a thin looking puppy, meaning that you shouldn’t be able to see his ribs while the belly is too round indicating that he might have parasites within his body. The physical aspect should be well proportioned while the moves are alert and full of vivacity.

* Another thing to look at is the puppy face. Check with the eyes which must be clear and bright, and no discharge in the corners. As to the nose, unless he is not just waking up, it must be damp and cool upon touching it. When the puppy starts interacting with you it means that he has good responsive reactions and also that he is not death when you make any noise around.

* The ears of the puppy should be kept cleaned and shiny without a discharge or any buildup of dirty matters.

* The fur upon inspection must look shiny, clean and well-maintained without any bold spots. Most importantly you should check him for any signs of fur and skin parasites, such as fleas, ticks or irritations.

All from above relate mostly to the physical aspect of the puppy, but a good idea would be also to spend some time in his environment with his parents to get to see what his personality and behavior are like. In case you are not satisfied of the parents, especially with the mother, then you shouldn’t reach for adopting their puppies.

When the selection is made you must inquire on the vet records of the puppy, the state of his vaccinations and other health treatments he has undergone in the meanwhile. A good idea is to get a second veterinarian’s opinion beside the one of the current vet. Have your puppy checked again from a health perspective and in this way you have the guarantee that he is clinically checked and in a good health state. All these should happen way before you start bonding with your puppy as in this way you wouldn’t find it very hard to give him away had he been found with suffering from something bad.

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